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the chameleonic team

Blonde white woman.
Blonde white woman being kissed by dog and man.

Morgan Cutrer
Executive Assistant
Service Coordinator

Who is Morgan Cutrer? My husband has always described me as a ‘Juicy Liver’, not an alcoholic, but rather someone that lives life to the fullest and loves every minute of it.


I am blissfully married to my best friend, co-parent to the cutest French Bulldog and a plant collector with a semi-green thumb. Laughter, smiles and joy are contagious and I’m a superspreader.

mary color.jpg
White man with short hair and light beard.
White man wearing winter jacket with colorful background.

Orkun Altınay
Project Manager
R&D Specialist

I am Orkun, curious about everything Agile, former basketball player, traveler and passionate about animation and the metaverse!


Dancing is not my forte. I love solving complex problems, working with multicultural teams and working on finding just the right strategy. I love design, planning, and learning new technologies. And I’m passionate about bringing people together and ideas to life.

Mary Grbavac

Service Coordinator

I'm Mary!  Born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. I'm happily married to Mr. Grbavac. It may look like my last name is missing some vowels, but that's how the Croatians roll!  

I love music (although I've been told I'm one of the worst singers ever heard), in particular "classic rock". Also video games, board games and reptiles! Although I "co-parent" a French Bulldog, Doberman Pinschers are my breed at heart.

Light brown skin man wearing glasses and a black shirt.
Light brown skin man wearing glasses and black shirt in front of sign that reads Chicago Jazz Festival.

Ümit Özdemir
Accounting Clerk
Regional Project Coordinator

Brown skin man with glasses and short hair.
Brown skin man with dark sun glasses holding a video camera , at the beach.

Lucas Soto
Founder & CEO

I consider myself a citizen of the world, a traveler. You can find me drinking çay by the Bosphorus, taking a stroll in Santa Monica Pier or eating “piragüas” in el Viejo San Juan.


I am an empath and as such I experience life with intensity… although I am horrible at sports. I am fascinated with the possibilities technology offers to the communities I care the most about… oh and I love Nero, my black cat.

My name is Ümit. The fields of art management and social projects are where my studies and experience lie. I currently live in Eskişehir, Turkey with my lovely wife and my many plants.


I love to read classics and listen to world music, especially jazz. I’m also a foodie and have a particular interest in the Armenian and Greek food cultures. I enjoy traveling as that is how one can really experience the real flavors of a culture.

our mission

our mission

vision & values

At the heart of every human interaction is the desire to be understood.


Facilitating understanding requires clear communication which involves more than just the dynamic interplay of facial expressions and body language; it calls for discerning the nuances of cultural and colloquial expressions and recognizing that there are personal experiences that shape how each of us sees the world.


These factors could potentially be barriers to understanding; however, highly trained, skillful, and culturally competent professionals can facilitate deep and meaningful interchanges in communication that serves its purpose: to help each of us be fully understood.


The deeply committed staff of Mind Your Language stands ready to support that need.


In nature the chameleon is a fascinating creature to watch. As a means of survival, it quickly adapts to its environment and change its appearance to become one with its surroundings. Similarly, at Mind Your Language, Inc we believe that it is important for each of our translators, interpreters, and CoNavigators to use their skills so seamlessly that they blend into the background and allow the nuances of what is being communicated by the clients to remain the focal point of the interchange.


We consistently and quickly adapt to industry changes and stay abreast of emerging trends in the language field. By doing so we ensure that we provide our clients with services that meet all their communication needs. As the global community becomes more interconnected, we will continue to be responsive to our ever-changing environment in order to remain a top tier service provider to the communities we are committed to serving.


RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Our focus is not on “process” it is on people. We won’t make you jump through hoops to get what you need; we figure it out with you and make it happen 


INTEGRATION: We make it easy to select and use our services in the way that works best for you


EQUITY: We listen. Each of us deserves to have our voice heard and understood 


PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Comprehensive intake to identify individual needs and match to the resource that meets the need

our approach

our approach


Talk to Client

+ Email | Video Call | Phone

+ Receive Initial Request and Assess Specific Needs


Provide Documentation

+ Comprehensive Service Proposal

+ Service Agreement

+ Preliminary Quote


Address Questions and Concerns


Receive Authorization for Implementation

+ Signed Service Agreement

+ Additional Details to Fulfill Request


Service Implementation

+ Direct Service Providers (i.e.: interpreters) Matched with Requests

+ Service Providers Booked

+ Delivery of Service

+ Service Coordinator Available as Mediators


Service Assessment  

+ Reports Provided | If required for compliance with local, state, and federal requirements

+ Ongoing Check-Ins to evaluate that our service is meeting the needs of our clients

+ Customer Relationship Management to ensure satisfaction with our services


611 Wilshire Boulevard, 9th Fl

Los Angeles, CA 90017

contact us

email |

whatsapp |

videophone |

+1 (310) 571-5808

+1 (818) 237-9239


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